Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy

Veteran’s company safety culture is at the heart of everything we do. From the management team down to the field crew – we are committed to meeting our world-class safety and environmental goals.

Veteran Oilfield Services Ltd. aspires to offer the highest level of services for our clients while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Safety and environmental stewardship rely on the efforts of every party – from the Veteran team, clients, and partners. That’s why we embrace a culture of safety in all of our activities, big or small.

6 Safety Principles

At Veteran, we abide by our six principles of health and safety management:

  • Commitment to a safe and healthy work environment from all levels in the company
  • Ongoing training and support to best equip our personnel for the task at hand
  • Leadership from Management and Supervisors – setting the standard by example
  • Taking the time to complete each task safely and perfectly
  • Excellence in our communications, job planning, and execution
  • Compliance and knowledge of government legislation, regulation of industry standards and our abilities – and how they apply to the task at hand

At Veteran, We Strive to Complete Each Job Safely, Efficiently, and Perfectly

Health and Safety – a Joint Effort Collaboration

Our team recognizes it is the responsibility of all personnel at every level in the company to promote and abide by our six safety principles. This includes a joint effort collaboration amongst:

  • Management: Responsible for providing leadership and direction of the health and safety program.
  • Supervisors: Responsible for enforcing our health and safety standards while developing positive attitudes towards safety.
  • Frontline workers: Compliance with all the rules and regulations and for continually exercising safety precautions throughout their daily tasks.
Safety Certifications
  • Company Safety Orientation
  • TDG
  • H2S Alive
  • First Aid (Alberta/BC Standard Level 1)
  • Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) COR Certificate
  • Quality Management Program
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association – AQP Certified

Veteran’s high safety standards apply to every aspect of our organization. We are constantly monitoring our safety record, ensuring we are meeting or exceeding our safety objectives. Success depends on the active participation of all. This is why we strive to promote a safe culture for all our employees and those we do business with.

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