Operation and Maintenance Services

Our professional field crew ensures your facilities are properly maintained so that your plant is running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Our Services

With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, the Veteran Oilfield team utilizes its expertise by offering professional maintenance, repairs, and operation services for Alberta oil and gas operators. Our team knows what it takes to get your site running as reliably and smoothly as possible.

Some of our operation and maintenance services include:
  • Piping repairs/maintenance
  • Piping replacements
  • Valve replacements
  • Roadways maintenance
  • Accessways maintenance
  • Planned maintenance routines
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment upgrades/replacements

We believe in getting the job done right without compromising on safety.

Our Experience

Our team has experience working on a variety of maintenance jobs, from small repairs to large replacement scopes. The degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail from our team helps increase turnaround times and reduce plant downtimes. Our highly trained team members bring a variety of expertise to the table, allowing us to complete maintenance jobs of all types and sizes.


Our Guarantee

  • Personalized Services: We offer maintenance solutions tailored to your unique specifications and requirements.
  • Full-Transparency: Our maintenance reports give you full visibility on what work was done, when it was done, and how it was done.
  • Quality Control: Our extensive quality control procedure ensures the highest degree of quality on all our jobs.
  • Support: We stand by all our work. We’ll ensure you get the support required when you need it.
  • Safety: Veteran’s commitment to safety runs from the ownership team down to the field crew. Each task will be completed with a safety-mindset as the top priority.

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